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What is Compounding?

Many times, a patient can benefit from a medication in a tablet or capsule form, but that same medication contains an inactive ingredient that the patient cannot tolerate or may have an allergy to. This inactive filler may be a dye, gluten, or even lactose. With a doctor’s prescription, we can make that medication in a capsule form but leave out the problem filler. Sometimes oral dosage forms will cause drowsiness, dizziness, constipation or nausea. Classic examples of these are antispasmodics, anti-emetics and pain management drugs. We can take the active chemicals and compound them into a topical transdermal application. The product is absorbed without use of the stomach and or liver, and side effects are limited. I always say “why treat the big toe and little finger if they don’t need it?” Put the drug where you need it and it will usually stay there 6 to 8 hours. There are many drugs that do work through systemic absorption when needed.

Our list of ideas can be very helpful. We compound sterile medications in our state-of-the-art class 1000 clean room. We prepare many medications and have many flavors available – animals even love us. We love compounding and set our standards so high that we electively became accredited by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board. Our accreditation proves that we are among the best in our field.

Doctors – If you have any questions about what we could do for your practice, give us a call or stop in for a tour. Start thinking “out of the box” today to help your patient have a better tomorrow.

Cheri Kraemer, RPh

Pharmacy Specialties & Clinic, Inc.