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Welcome to Pharmacy Specialties & Clinic, Inc.

Pharmacy Specialties & Clinic, Inc. is a PCAB Accredited® Compounding Pharmacy! PCAB Accreditation gives patients and providers a way to evaluate a compounding pharmacy’s commitment to quality. PCAB Accreditation involves a rigorous ongoing dedication to quality improvement and patient safety. Pharmacy Specialties & Clinic, Inc. received its PCAB Accreditation in sterile and nonsterile compounding in October 2011. There is an accreditation renewal every 3 years. We are an independently-owned compounding pharmacy devoted to patient care.

Our specially trained staff consists of five full-time pharmacists, one part time pharmacist, and eight nationally certified pharmacy technicians.  Our patients are our top priority and always receive friendly, courteous and personal service. Patients receive oral and printed counseling when picking up prescriptions. Automatic refill services are available.

We are located on 57th street, just south of the tunnel, in Sioux Falls. If you are unable to come into the pharmacy, we offer $8 shipping. Overnight shipping to certain areas or prescriptions requiring a cold pack will incur additional fees. Let us know how we can help you and the ones you love!

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Convenient options for our patients.


To request a prescription refill, submit a request using our online form.


Let us fill all your prescriptions! Use our simple form to begin.


Manage your prescriptions from our convenient app to help improve your health outcomes.


Shop our hand-selected supplements conveniently online. Save on our featured products each month.


Get more fruits and vegetables in your diet that will fit into your busy life!


Time-tested, safe, effective products that will keep your dogs healthy and happy!

What is Compounding?

If your medication is compounded, it means that your prescription is custom-made according to your needs as ordered by a licensed provider. Every area of medicine can benefit from compounding. Compounding allows providers to think “outside the box” to treat their patients’ needs. Manufactured drug products may not be appropriate for every situation, may contain ingredients you are allergic to, or be temporarily unavailable. Prescriptions may be compounded when an alternative dosage form or flavor is needed. For example, when a product is available as a capsule or tablet, these can be compounded to a liquid in your preferred flavor. Prescriptions may also be compounded free from dye, preservatives, sugar, gluten, casein, eggs, soy, corn, metal, phenol and alcohol. We are a problem-solving pharmacy. Providers call daily to work with our pharmacists to find the best solutions for their patients’ problems.

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You can order prescription refills online and learn more about our Refill Rewards Program.



When you call 4 business days ahead of time for your refills, this will give us time to contact your doctor when out of refills and prepare your customized prescription.


You will be rewarded on refills with 1 stamp per prescription when you give us proper time to prepare (make from scratch) your customized medication.


Redeem 5 stamps for a 30% discount on your most expensive OTC item.

Patient Refill Rewards Program

Since your compounded medication is customized just for you, we ask that you provide 4 business days for refill orders and require prepayment.

Each time you allow us 4 business days to refill your prescription, you will receive a stamp. Once you have collected 5 stamps, you can turn them in for 30% off one OTC item.

Some exclusions apply, inquire within.


Let us care for you and your family.

We will work with your practitioner to find a customized solution that will work for you. Our compounding professionals are here to help.

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At Pharmacy Specialties & Clinic, Inc., we are honored and proud of the memberships and accreditations we maintain and have received.